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What is the process of getting and maintaining eyelash extensions?


The application of eyelash extensions is very relaxing – like receiving a spa service. You lie down on a plush table and have your eyes closed the entire time. Your technician will glue one silk lash extension to one of your natural lashes with medical grade glue.


When your natural lash sheds, the extension will fall out with that lash. To maintain a full appearance, it is recommended to get a refill every 2-3 weeks. Your initial full set takes around 2 hours and refills can be done in as little as 45 minutes.


Like hair extensions, eyelash extensions add length to human eyelashes. Silk single fiber polyester thread-like materials are applied to eyelashes to create a fuller, longer look. Extensions come in various lengths, colors, and thicknesses, and can be worn during sleep, showering and swimming. However, excessive exposure to oil can weaken adhesive bond.


Eyelash extensions differ from “fake” or “false” eyelashes in that they are applied one extension to one lash. The procedure to attach the extensions takes an average of two hours for a full set of extensions of roughly 30-80 lashes per eye. If properly applied with cyanoacrylate adhesive, eyelash extensions are designed to bond to one’s natural eyelash. They look natural and not like strip lashes.


Full Set: $300

1 Week Fill: $65

2 Week Fill: $85

3 Week Fill: $150


Just one 20 minute professional treatment is all it takes to deliver a sumptuous lash lift that is retained, even after a shower or swimming, lasting for 6-8 and even 12 weeks.


Lash Lift is a semi-permanent treatment that gives your natural lashes an illusion of perfectly curled lashes with added definition. It is a great alternative to eyelash extensions, as it requires very little maintenance and has long-lasting results.


Lash Lifting treatments are unlike traditional lash perms of years past. This procedure lifts your natural lashes at the root and in an upward position, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes.


Lash Lift Session: $75


Great for those with lighter color lashes - or anyone looking for a thicker "mascara" look (without having to wear mascara). A lash tint will make your natural lashes appear darker, thicker, and longer.


Lash Tint: $40

Brow Tint: $35

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